Pie vs Cake Milkshake Showdown

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This game was made for a client company called Pie Vs Cake. They were opening up a milkshake shop in Queens, NY and asked us to make them a game that they could put in their store. They wanted a simple game on a tablet using their already made characters. We pitched the idea of a food fight scenario where the player could pick to be Pie or Cake and they would throw milkshakes at one another. They absolutely loved the idea, and thus, Pie Vs Cake Milkshake Showdown was born. It features unlimited levels with growing difficultly, multiple power ups, interactive scoreboards that change the main menu based on who's winning, and a secret developer's menu for them to control all aspects of the game.
Play HTML5 Version: Click Here
Programmers: Josh Kampney and Taylor Hellstrom
Music Composer/Editor: sawsquarenoise, and Josh Kampney
Graphic Designer/Artist: Josh Kampney